The Blastcast #004 – Killabomb

Our series continues with another essay in barbarity; with credits on Rigormortis, Jigsore and Cuntroll, we welcome Killabomb into the fray. Presenting his own work alongside the likes of Chaos Royale and Ladyscraper, allow us to liberate a very personal affair with dissonance and energy. You have been warned. Download link –

Tracklist –
Killabomb – You Fucking Bitch (Murda Horse Remix)
Killabomb – They Gonna Die Soon
Bassflexx – A.C.A.B (Killabomb Remix)
Killabomb – Pour Your 40 Out
Killabomb – Paranoia
Killabomb – YesYes
Friend Requester – Let’s Blow Up Thorpe Park
Killabomb – Kill Dem All
Chaos Royale – Death Metal Mix
Killabomb – Breakdown
Mindestruction vs Duel (Fanatik tribe) – Check This Out (Killabomb Remix)
Ladyscraper – Poontang
Killabomb – Play My Way
Ladyscraper – Ridge Racer
Retrigger – Seduce Jeanie Kill Caroline (Killabomb Remix)
Killabomb – You Fucking Bitch
Killabomb – You Don’t Know Me But I Know You
Killabomb – Destroy
NiezytBoy – Eroin is Killin’ (Killabomb Remix)
Killabomb – The Death Star
Killabomb – BamBam
Chaos Royale – Lowrider


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