Tribute Mix – Technical Itch

Technical Itch is a master of darkness, the undisputed king of heavy metal drum & bass. Since I discovered his music I’ve vibed off the music of Tech Itch year in year out. He’s still one of my favourite artists in the drum & bass realm due to an unwavering, unflinching, heavyness-laden style which takes no prisoners.

Few people can manipulate an amen or reese to produce a track that skates the fine line between real dark and vaudeville dark. Listening to Tech Itch is a bit like being sucked into the cold vacuum of space without a suit on.

This mix features works from the mid 90’s including under his alias T.I.C through to present day. The more recent stuff is after Intalude in the mix.

A big shout out to my mate Ruckus for this one, hope you enjoy it.

All Technical Itch Mix – Right click to Download

Tic – Controlled Explosion
Technical Itch – Deception
Technical Itch – Focused
Technical Itch – Era
Technical Itch – Beings
Technical Itch – L.E.D
Technical Itch – Watch Out
T.I.C – Last Gasp
Technical Itch – Capture
Technical Itch – The Virus
Technical Itch – The Virus (Remix)
Technical Itch – Shift
T.I.C- System Switch
Technical Itch – Rough & Tough
Technical Itch – Scope
Technical Itch – Animation
Shogun – Slipstream (Technical Itch Remix)
Technical Itch – Generation
Technical Itch – Deadline
Technical Itch – The Dreamer
Technical Itch – Viking
T.I.C- Able
Technical Itch – Intalude
Technical Itch, MC Jakes – The Risin feat. MC Jakes
Technical Itch – Failed Evolutionary Experiment
The Panacea, Technical Itch – Semisation 2013
Technical Itch Vs Kemal – The Calling Vip
Technical Itch – Contaminate
Technical Itch – Heaven
Technical Itch – Elevation
Technical Itch – Telekinetic
Technical Itch – The Rukus
Technical Itch – Energy
Technical Itch – Brace
Technical Itch – Heavy Metal
Limewax – Cracking Core (Tech Itch Vip Mix)
Technical Itch – Borg Mind
KJ Sawka- New Life feat. Christa Wells (Technical Itch Remix)
Dieselboy – Render (Technical Itch Remix)
Dylan & Ink – California Curse (Technical Itch Remix)
Photek – Baltimore (Tech Itch & Dylan Remix)
Pink Punk – One More for the Road (Tech Itch Remix)

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