Nekro CD 666 – Faces of War

Artist Various Artist

Label Nekrolog1k

Format CD + T Shirt+ Digital download

Release date soon

Nekrolog1k CD666 – Faces of War – Special Package!

This Special Package is out on Pre-Order and includes:

x Nekrolog1k Recordings – Faces of War T-Shirt;

x Nekrolog1k Recordings CD666 – Faces of War

x  instant digital download in high 320 kbps MP3 and WAV Format included!


1) AK-Industry & Igneon System – Faces of War – listen: here

2) Lowroller – Alchemy – listen: here

3) Noizeskill – Hatecore – listen: here

4) Deathmachine – The Journey (Original) – listen: here

5) Forbidden Society – Intense – listen: here

6) Switch Technique – Warp – listen: here

7) Mindustries – Detrimental – listen: here

8) Delta 9 vs. Fiend – Threshold – listen: here


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