Filthcast 039 featuring Katharsys

Barcode Recordings Filthcast 039 featuring Katharsys

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Katharsys – Ghost (Barcode)
Katharsys – Hell Of a Twist (BArcode)
Katharsys – Konspiracy (Subsitenz)
Katharsys – Kontakt (Obscene)
Katharsys – Train Wreck (Future Sickness)
Katharsys – Iron Sky (Barcode)
Katharsys – Revival (unfinished)
Katharsys – Last Will (Barcode)
Ca2k – Matrix (Katharsys remix) (Future Sickness)
Katharsys – Slippery Slope (unfinished)
Donny – Ten Tonne Hammer (Katharsys remix)
Katharsys – Life is a Bitch (Barcode)
Katharsys – Global Freezing (Barcode)
Katharsys & Freqax – Rapture (early version)
Katharsys – Deadman (Barcode)
Katharsys – Daybreaker (Yellow Stripe)
Katharsys & Forbidden Society – Domination (Mentally Disturbed)
Katharsys – Paranoiac Requiem (Forbidden Society)
Katharsys – Stomper (Barcode)
Katharsys – Nothing Left (Barcode)
Dj Hidden, Katharsys & Peter Kurten – Favorite Sin (Genosha 175)



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