C-Netik – April 2013 Promo Mix

Here is my new promo mix! Featuring lots of recent and forthcoming tracks by some of my favorite artists in the harder and darker spectrum of Drum & Bass, and some of my own works in progress to be released later this year. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: www35.zippyshare.com/v/13885019/file.html


The Upbeats feat. Armanni Reign – Drum Stop (forthcoming Vision)
Cooh & The Panacea – Reincarnation (Position Chrome)
Lucio de Rimanez – Circus (Free DL)
Limewax – Riget (forthcoming PRSPCT)
Katharsys – Nothing Left (Barcode)
Deathmachine – The Journey VIP (N/A)
Memtrix & Mathizm – Cardiak Arrest (C-Netik VIP edit) (N/A)
C-Netik – Bam Bam VIP (Free DL)
Switch Technique – Mohawk Mercenaries (Union)
Current Value & Cooh – Misbit (Position Chrome)
Katharsys – Ghost (Barcode)
Hallucinator – Death Set Us Free (forthcoming PRSPCT)
Limewax – Agent Orange (Mathizm Bootleg) (N/A)
C-Netik – Loophole (TBA)
Fragz – I Got A Story (forthcoming Future Sickness)
I:Gor – Devil Has A Name (forthcoming Yellow Stripe)
C-Netik – Creep (Yellow Stripe)
BSA – The Rebellion (forthcoming Yellow Stripe)
eRRe & Hardlogik – A Tribe Called Bumba (TBA)
Dkaos – We Are The Virus (forthcoming Yellow Stripe)
Katharsys – Life Is A Bitch (Barcode)
Limewax – Lumpeth (forthcoming Yellow Stripe)
DJ Hidden – The Raw Universe (forthcoming PRSPCT)
Syrinx – Into The Darkness (TBA)
Goldberg Variations – Whoopi Of (forthcoming PRSPCT)
Current Value – Tremor (forthcoming Yellow Stripe)
C-Netik – Checkmate (TBA)
C-Netik – Another Place (TBA)
Switch Technique & Deathmachine – Black Fire (Union)
C-Netik & Fragz – Antilife (Angel Remix) (forthcoming Yellow Stripe)
Dylan – Virus (DJ Hidden Remix) (forthcoming Hidden Tracks)
Crawler & Petram – Take It (TBA)
C-Netik – Exhaust (TBA)
Forbidden Society – War Ensemble (C-Netik & Fragz Remix) (forthcoming Forbidden Society)
Limewax & Thrasher – PRSPCT Wrecking Crew Anthem (forthcoming PRSPCT)
Gancher & Ruin – Tsar (forthcoming Yellow Stripe)
C-Netik – Lenient (TBA)

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