ULTRACULT001 Brainpain – Hussaria

Artist Brainpain

Label Ultracult

Release date  Soon 2013

Format digital

First to appear on Culture Assault’s new release series ULTRACULT is Brainpain, a producer who really is coming up with the pattern ULTRACULT is all about.*
Let us explain you why: Jakub aka Brainpain aka Yakoob is an extraordinary versatile artists/producers in the harder electronic music scene, breeding non genre tied experimental hard Drum&Bass and Dubstep as well as intelligent glitchsounds. Listeners with a practised ear will recognize that even if Jakub’s output is different from release to release, there is a golden thread to follow, a true open minded artist at work.

With the Hussaria EP we tried to capture a certain part of Jakub’s broadness and put it together in to an unique EP covering a historical topic related to his Polish home country’s background featuring five stunning and different tracks from epic dark Dubstep to hard hitting snare monsters.


1 Brainpain – Orsza

2 Brainpain – Nadziak
3 Brainpain – Where The Wings Ride
4 Brainpain – Hussaria
5 Brainpain – Obertyn

Website: www.culture-assault.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/culture.assault.records
Artwork: eatyourself


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