SCUM 01 for free

Just over 15 years ago The DJ Producer & Simon Underground spoke about starting a label together. The intent was to change the game for the future of Hardcore Techno. Luke went off to the studio and conceived 3 tracks that would define the future of the label and set the precedent for the future of hard edge dance music.

Away with the hip hop samples that helped define the Deathchant era and deeper and further into the dark side of the core. 14 years on and the 3 tracks from the 1st release were unearthed in a box of Digital Audio Tapes deep in the bowels of the UM office. Freshly recorded direct from the DAT and presented here for your delectation. The original vinyl remains as a limited edition of a few hundred copies and will NEVER be repressed. So to all loyal Scum fans that have supported us throughout the years and to the new generation we have made this groundbreaking EP available for free. We feel this EP is as fresh as the day it was recorded and a testament to the prophetic work of a man on a mission”

.WAV Download –

.MP3 Download –


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