Promo interview for Big bad Beats 8

For the 8th edition of the Le Grand Méchant Beat aka Big Bad Beats parties that will take place on April 6th at Glazart, the  Party Uniq  crew continues to provide exlusive interviews of the best hard music artists. And we start strong with a great interview of Dj Promo, boss of The Third Movement label… Don’t miss this one! (Traduction française disponible ICI)

Dj Promo

Dj Promo, you’ve experienced the hardcore scene since its very start. Can you tell us how you got there ? How and why you started DJing and music production ? Tell us a bit more about your first parties, musical inspirations?

I started out as a bedroom dj back in 1992. I first spend some years wanting to learn the techniques of mixing records, which i was totally obsessed about. As a kid is was a huge Prince fan and later on artists like The Prodigy and Alec Empire (Atari teenage riot) dominated my musical taste. Especially the breakbeat and rave music in the beginning of the 90’s were a huge influence. Even though i played mostly hardcore music through the years, i bought all styles of dance music that inspired me. Mainly techno and drum and bass were (and are) some of my favorite dance styles. Around 1995 i got into producing music as well. But i always did it for the love of the music, not to become a big dj or producer. In 1996 i send my demo to dj’s Buzz fuzz and The Prophet and they got me a deal with the famous ID&T records. That is where the whole Thunderdome and Promo files era started. The first parties i played at were small parties in my hometown on events like school parties and small clubs. Over the years i got more known and the parties got bigger and i played venues all over Holland and eventually the whole of Europe.


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