Gilgamesh & Regain @ Kick Therapy Promomix 2013

1.Circular Discharge – Will Keep Us From Death
3,STHS- Switch Off
4.STHS – Schyzoid
5.Peter Kurten – There Will Be Blood
6.Antichristus – Even Satan Comes As An Angel Of Light
8.Forbidden Society & Katharsys – Attack The Q-Bot (D-Fuze Mashup)
9.Ca2k – Matrix (Katharsys Remix)
10..The Outside Agency & Peter Kurten & Katharsys – Favorite Sin
11.Deathmachine – Form the Darkness
12.Forbidden Society & Katharsys – Domination
13.Switch Technique – Lysergide
14.Switch Technique & Deathmachine – Black Fire
15.TOA & Peter Kurten & Donny & CV – Time of Surreal Coma (Gilgamesh & RGN) Mash
16.The Outside Agency – Backpack Wisdom
17.Xzist & Core Corp – The Outsider
18.Miss Mackie – Make You Survive
19.Miss Mackie – Unconnected
20.Miss Mackie – Kill Your Idol
21.Deathmachine – Synapsidis
22.Igorrrr – Tout Petit Moineau




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