Suicide special for Hell Kitchen radioshow 21.02.13

1)Suicide- False life [TBA]
2)Technical itch – Kymera [Tech itch]
3)Technical itch feat Robyn Chaos – No Longer Human [Tech itch]
4)Suicide feat SFS – Piece of Horror(Technical itch remix) [Deadlines]
5)Suicide feat SFS – Chromium (Suicide VIP) [Deadlines]
6)Bkey & Smyla – Temptress [Mute8]
7)Dylan & Suicide – Forgotten Dreams (Unfinished)[Freak]
8)SA†AN -They will see you [Deadlines]
9)Dylan & Suicide – Citizen X(unfinished) [Freak]
10)Suicide – Globalization [TBA]
11)Bkey – The Test [Freak]
12)Technical itch-Nemago[Tech itch]
13)Suicide – Distant light [TBA]
14)Suicide – Economy [TBA]
15)Current Value – Face Its Measure [Barcode]
16)Vesicle – Full Spectrum Warfare [Gradient Audio]
17)Suicide – For [TBA]

For labels about tunes or remix: or aim Suicide MSD. feel free to message us about tunes or remix.
Full radioshow :


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