Some news from the PRSCPT HQ

Were working overtime her at PRSPCT HQ at the moment. Tons of label nights, Tours, PRSPCT XL 17, The Agency etc etc.. Its a lot of work but we have not forgotten our main focus wich is feeding the world with good music so here is our release schedual for the next 2.5 months. Big things comming up boys & girls!!!

PRSPCT vs PRSPCT XTRM 666 (12″ + digital release) The Hard Way (Limewax vs Bong Ra vs Thrasher)
A: Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers
B: Pentagram Of Coke
Release date: 11-03-2013

PRSPCT RVLT 003 (12″ EP + digital release)
Monolith Remix EP
A1: Crawlers – Bong Ra (Akira Remix)
A2: Monolith – Bong Ra (Cooh Remix)
B1: Fallen Sons – Bong Ra (Lowroller remix)
B2: Dawn of the Megalomaniacs – Bong Ra & Dean Rodell (DJ Skull Vomit Remix)
Bonus track: Monolith – Bong Ra (Enduser remix)
Release date: 08-04-2013

PRSPCT 021 (Engraved limited edition 7”)
A: Riget
+ Digital bonus track
Release date: 15-04-2012

PRSPCT XTRM 007 (12″ + digital release)
A: Digital Chemistry
B: Adopted To The Dark
Release date: 29-04-2013


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