Thrasher for The Big Bad Beats #7

The 7th edition of our Le Grand Méchant Beat aka Big Bad Beats parties is coming soon, like a thief in the night. This end of the week interview is done by Thrasher. The dutch guy, boss of the famous PRSPCT; label and parties, who has been releasing the finest hardcore drum & bass gives his views to the Party Uniq crew. Enjoy! (traduction française ICI)

Hey man, this will be your first performance in Paris. You are the boss of the label PRSPCT, DJ, Producer, events promoter, etc… What is your musical background ? What got you to drum and bass and hard sounds ?

I started off playing in Punk & Hardcore bands when I was 13/14. Recorded a few records and toured a big part of the world doing this in my younger years. Rock & Roll is still an important part of my life and what I love but after doing this for almost 10 years I was in serious need of something new. Drum & bass and Hardcore were the 2 electronic music styles that I always liked but never really focused on. When I finally started exploring these genres more I was sold and wanted to do something with electronic music. Back then there were a lot of drum & bass events in Holland but I was really missing the harder edge. I was booker at one of the main music venues in Rotterdam back then so I decided to put on my own night focusing on hard drum & bass. This is how PRSPCT and my DJ career (and later also producing) as Thrasher were born. After some years of doing the parties I decided to launch the PRSPCT labels for the same reason as the events. A lot of the guys on the label were not represented properly back then so after a while it felt only logical to also start the PRSPCT booking agency. Now PRSPCT is the best selling hard Drum & bass label worldwide with 4 sub labels; PRSPCT LTD, PRSPCT XTRM, PRSPCT Sub & PRSPCT RVLT. It’s one of the most important agencies in this genre representing artists like The Panacea, Limewax, Counterstrike, DJ Hidden, Bong Ra etc etc… PRSPCT label nights are held all over Europe every few weeks and the list of stuff goes on.. It’s my full time job during the week next to my DJing all over Europe in the weekends.


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