Satronica Interview for Big Bad beats #7

First interview for the 7th edition of our Big Bad Beats parties. The american Satronica,  involved in the hard electronic musics scene since the mid 90’s is also best known to sing over our musics renowed for being voiceless. He’s also the first to throw a mix for our new Le Grand Méchant Beat PODCAST (aka The Big Bad Beats PODCAST)… Enjoy! (Version francaise ICI)

logo satronica

Hey Matt, this will be your first time in Paris. I guess people know your voice more than they know you . Tell us a bit about yourself. How you got to hardcore techno being based in NYC, not THE hardcore city. What is you other musical background. Did you live the NYC raves, etc… ?

Hello! I wasn’t so into techno or raves in the early 90’s actually. I was more into EBM/Industrial and this sort of thing. But I went to school with and became roommates with the brother of Oliver Chesler. Oliver, if you remember, as well as being The Horrorist, was a pioneer in the early hardcore scene doing Temper Tantrum and some of the DJ Skinhead tracks as well as many other aliases on Industrial Strength and Mokum. I had played in a lot of bands, and actually had been forced to play piano by my parents since I was young. So by this time I was dj’ing and experimenting with 4 track recorders and computer sounds. When I met Oliver through his brother, he introduced me to Industrial Strength and I immediately fell in love with the sounds of Lenny Dee, Disciples of Annihilation, Delta 9, etc. From there, I started to get into the German sounds of Marc Acardipane, Miro and PCP records, the French sounds coming from Laurent Ho, Torgull, and Manu Le Malin, Italian tracks from Lancinhouse and Jappo (Unexist), and some of the harder classic Dutch tracks like Alles Naar de Klote and those from Ruffneck, Neophyte etc.

It wasn’t long before I started to tour and play live with Oliver under The Horrorist moniker. I met a lot of amazing people during this time: Unexist, Claudio Lancinhouse, Randy, Nordcore, Marc Acardipane, Manu, Miro, Smurf, Scott Brown, Neophyte and many others. I also became friends with Lenny Dee. Lenny and Oliver helped me with my initial productions and Lenny, especially, helped me improve as a DJ.

There were actually a few “hardcore” labels around New York City during this time. My first release was on Black Monolith, a more doom oriented label, and the second was on Apocalypse Recordings, known more for speedcore. Finally after a few years of effort, I was able to release on ISR and the rest is, as they say, history.


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