[Le Grand Méchant Beat PODCAST 001] Satronica – This is OUR music, so fuck UR music!


Dr. Strange ft. Satronica – The Land Runs Red (The Outside Agency RMX) – Industrial Strength

Tymon & Waldhaus – Purgatory – Industrial Strength

Sebo – The Death Hour (Satronica RMX) – Obsession Records

Angel – Psycho (The Outside Agency Remix) – Industrial Strength

Tymon – Now Whose Laughing (Negative A Remix) – Industrial Strength

Temper Tantrum – The Underground (Tymon Remix) – Industrial Strength

Terminal Trauma – I Don’t Believe in Heaven (Satronica Remix) – Dark Matter

Triax & Ruffneck – The Damned (Demon) – Enzyme

Sei2ure – Extermination – Industrial Strength

Sei2ure – Enslavement – Industrial Strength

Tha Playah – Clockwork – Neophyte Records

Ruffneck & Synapse – Declaration of Resistance – Enzyme

Weapon X – Coke Sniffer (Synapse RMX) – Enzyme

Lenny Dee – Fuckin’ Hostile (The Outside Agency RMX) – Industrial Strength

I:Gor – Testify – PRSPCT

The Outside Agency & Forbidden Society – This Never Happened – Genosha

The Outside Agency & Current Value – They Are Human – Genosha

Lowroller – Control The Chaos VIP – Future Sickness

Tommyknocker – Demolition (Lenny Dee & Evil Activities RMX) – Traxtorm




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