RED-013 Omkara Techichi – Dreamonic Vamperor

Artist Omkara Techichi

Label Red fever

Format 2x Cd, Digital

Release date 10th Octobrer 2012

Omkara Techichi – Dreamonic Vamperor
Red Fever Recordings / RED-013

1-01. The Coming Darkness
1-02. The Blood God
1-03. Seeds Of Terror
1-04. Death From Above
1-05. I Hope They Scream
1-06. Destroy Everyone
1-07. Forces Of Chaos
1-08. Shield Of Faith
1-09. The Ultimate Heresy
1-10. Death Craft
1-11. Angels Of Death
1-12. Thirst For Violence
1-13. Crushing All Opposition
1-14. We Rise In Number
1-15. Twisted Defiance (We Are Chaos Remix)

2-01. Sanity Is For The Weak
2-02. Annihilate Them All
2-03. Prince Of Excess
2-04. Terrors Of Darkness
2-05. Your Soul Is Mine
2-06. Welcome To Oblivion
2-07. Bloody Murder
2-08. Return From Exile
2-09. Infect The Galaxy
2-10. We Are The Destroyer
2-11. Feast On Their Flesh
2-12. Glory Of The Emperor
2-13. Kiss Of Poison
2-14. The End Of Days
2-15. Digital Torment (Sound Of Suffering Remix)

Tracks 1-15 and 2-15 are bonus tracks which you receive when buying the full album in the Noisj webshop.
They are not sold separately, and can not be bought in other shops.

Pre-order here


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