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Desgusting Industrial Hardcore straight from Germany, the new Agnost1k podcast is now finally online ! For the 6th edition,
The Stormtrooper bring’s you some phat and dirty mix !
The perfect kind of sound to kill your neighbors and grill them into a bloody barbecue !
Agnost1k wishes you a nice summer !

Tracklist :

01. PFP – Emotional Sickness (Embrionyc Remix)
02. Minderwalker – Touch
03. The Peoples Republic of Europe – Approach (Clipping Mix)
04. Null Forge – Knautschgesicht
05. Stormtrooper – Waste Land
06. Godbuzda – Some more
07. Terrorfakt – Skullfucker
08. Stormtrooper – Krieg
09. The 7th Genocide – Scream Machine
10. Stormtrooper – Piercing Noise
11. Dither – The Woods
12. Broken Rules – Bunker Action
13. Stormtrooper – Meet my Clones
14. Stormtrooper – F.O.A.D.
15. Mr. Gasmask – Tactical Actuator
16. Stormtrooper – Android
17. Stan Grewsell – Frost Function
18. The Speed Freak – The Session



Dead by Silence – Deathfloor Octatrakism

Here is a mix i’ve done with my elektron octatrack. i’m just scratching the surface of what can be done with this beast. i’m changing every thing every few month because i haven’t find yet the best way to mix with this toy.

anyway hope you’ll like it

Ophidian – Abandon
Demon Hunter – Someone to Hate ( Dead by Silence rmx)
Switch Technique – Intelligence
Counterstrike – Mindfuck
Dead by Silence – Slew dem
Dead by Silence – Devil thirst for soul
The Outside Agency &  Current Value – They’re Human
Air J & Peter Kurten – The Darkness ( Dead by Silence rmx)

For more info check

Zardonic Latin America Promo Mix

DOWNLOAD if not working try the mirror


2nd MIRROR (working !!!)


Zardonic Interview @ Dogsonacid










DOA: We know you’ve had some great achievements in recent months, so let’s tackle each bit one at a time. First off, the “Revolution” video, which involved you getting loads of fans to go ballistic in front of their country’s flags. Where did that concept come from?

Zardonic: I’m a dreamer and I keep dreaming with a better world every day, even though sometimes it just seems impossible because there is too much selfishness in our hearts. No one’s exempt from that. I, for one, am not. But once you can figure out the pattern, it’s easier to get out of it. And one of the things we need to realize is that no matter what flag we bear, we are all the same.

Being Venezuelan, one of the main aspects of our culture is our nationalism and patriotism. However, we don’t acknowledge this in a sense of supremacy, but brotherhood. No matter where you are, if someone’s Venezuelan, he’s family. I wanted to portray that in the video and put all nations together, all flags together, saying that we are a big world family that has grown tired of being enslaved by a few who believe can decide the future of a nation, the few who also lead us to war. But no one rules if no one obeys, so if we stop listening to these people, we will be able to decide our own future and, hopefully, that future will be more peaceful. Given our evolution from previous civilizations to our current civilization, no matter how fucked up we are right now, I believe we’re evolving into a phase of greatness that will redeem us from many things that aren’t relevant anymore. We will become one, and flags will disappear. We will bear one flag, one world, one love.

Now you may ask yourself why such a hippie concept comes together with such ‘angry’ music, and the reason is very simple. This isn’t a message of love. This is a wake-up call slapping people in their faces because the time is now. And unless we do wake up, there might not be a future for us anymore. We are at the brink of something beyond imaginable and we need to be ready for it.



White Rabbit – Haters gonna Hate

Dishonored – Trailer
Katharsys – Paranoiac Requiem
Switch Technique &C.A.2K – Dist Hopes
Dead Phantoms – Forgive Me
Limewax vs Bong-Ra vs Trasher – Suck Satan’s Cock
Hallucinator – Unholy (Sinecore & Peter Kurten Remix)
Cooh & Counterstrike – Manual Control
Throttler – The Soil
C.A.2K & Gancher – Beast Master
Katharsys & Forbidden Society – One Hundred Thousand
Katharsys – No End for the Darkness
C.A.2K, Gancher & Ruin – Pain of Soul
Current Value – Neutrino
Mindustries – The Drumming
Nosebleed – No Longer Human (Gancher & Ruin Remix)
Angerfist – Incoming (Lowroller Remix)
The Outside Agency – The Price is Right
Angerfist – And Jesus Wept (Switch Technique Remix)
Ophidian – End The Earth
Nosebleed – Inception
Angerfist – The Road to Fame (I:gor Remix)
The Outside Agency – Daze of Old
Cooh – Kentar
DJ Hidden – Don’t Fear The Darkness
Katharsys & Gancher – Sky From Beyond
Nosebleed – Evil Blood (Fiend & Delta 9 Remix)
Gein, Silent Killer & Breaker – 6 Feet
The Outside Agency, Peter Kurten & Katharsys – Favorite Sin
DJ Hidden – You’re Not Real
Limewax, Bong-Ra & Trasher – The Hard Way
Forbidden Society & Receptor – We Don’t Give A Fcuk
Receptor – Run Run Run