The Teknoist, MacheeeN Boi, Scheme Boy + Algorithmic – The Miserable Sodcast Seance (Talking to the Dead)

“Greetings to the Sustained Massive

Here is the latest sodcast we recorded in February 2012. It features mixes and inane shit talk from Miike Teknoist, MacheeeN Boi, Scheme Boy and Algorithmic. It is very rough round the edges and has taken a while for me to finally put it online because we had some mic issues, a couple of bits needed rerecording, and listening our voices over and over sent me slightly insane… and not in a good way.

We think a ‘podcast’ is different from a ‘mix’, so when we do a ‘sodcast’, we have a laugh with it, do it like a radio show and have a bit of banter. Please be aware, this is the mega censored tame version. Most of the ‘chit chat’ was a lot closer to numerous bones. We joke about everything and anything. The only thing we take seriously is music. Do not be offended. If anyone is offended by any of the content, kindly go fuck your self, you are wasting our planet’s oxygen, please remove your self to reduce further waste. To everyone else, we love you and hope that you enjoy this. I nearly didn’t release this as I over think things, so I hope you get it. Now you have read the disclaimer you can
download it (right click and ‘save link as’ or similar, if you have any issues with it downloading).

Remeber, to enter the contest to win the retarted pentaram in Miike’s blood and some records, post your pictures to the Sustained Facebook page.

After listening to it, here are some pictures which may help put the ‘events’ of the sodcast into perspective.

Peace the fuck out. x”

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