Kaiza proudly presents Proton Kid – “Bisektor” / “Foreign” / “Pneumator” [T3K013]

Proton Kid – “Bisektor” / “Foreign” / “Pneumator” [T3K013]

T3k brings you the next release (T3K013) and presents an EP consisting of three slammers by Proton Kid from Brasov, Romania. He got massive reputation with his production team “Kriotek” (which is him, Nufojah and Blastphemik) in first place (remember “BoRRhot”, released as T-FILE011). Lately he is doing a lot of solo stuff which also got good feedback. His tracks are released on SCPTX, Monstersound and Ammunition to name a few. “Bisektor”, “Foreign” and “Pneumator” take a direction which can be described best with the words “no remorse”. The implemented driving structure of the bass and mids keep you busy on the dancefloor plus counter-dynamic synth elements, pushing percussion and a clever arrangend beat support the induced need to move. Those tracks will keep you busy!

audio previews:

Avaible in most digital stores (soon on beatport !)
artist and label links:


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