Fexomat Interview

SBR : Hi ! could you introduce yourself ?

Fexomat: I’m Felix Herberger aka Fexomat , member of NSF [Neurotic Sound Foundation] , Darkstep.org and promo DJ for the drum and bass label “Future Sickness”.

SBR : You have ecletic style of mixing (from darkambiant, to brutal breakcore) what do you use to listen at home ?

Fexomat: i listen to all kinds of stuff at home. from metal to minimal to terrorcore to jazz. i find myself mostly listening to stuff that got released online thru Creative Commons lately , as i think it’s the most interesting music to get out there.i still raid every online label i find , regardless of the genre. I get bored by something really quick , so i always search for new inputs 🙂 . the only music i don’t listen to is hip hop .

SBR : What is your musical background ? have you played any instrument before turning digital ?

Fexomat: I learned piano and bass guitar and played in several bands before i got into DJing in 97/98. it was just messing around with some friends tho 🙂 my musical background basicly starts with Jazz (my parents used to listen to it ) , to metal (mostly trash / speed metal) to EBM / Industrial / Gothic and goes to drum and bass / jungle in 96/97..now listen to everything from gypsy folk to black metal.

SBR : Your mix are really complex ableton live stuff with lots of different style metal/dnb/breakcore all together. why and when do you choose to turn digital for djiing?

Fexomat : When i tried to set up my first metal mix (metalcore) , i wanted it to have parts that are mixed rather than blended or cut ..and that is pretty impossible without warping the tunes digital .that made me check out ableton live.. but in the end it was just a matter of time – when i was dj’ing with vinyl i bought all the bootleg remixes on whitelabel i could get..always wanted to do those myself 🙂

SBR : How would you describe your style as a dj and as a producer ?

Fexomat : i guess just mashup fits the best . maybe “experimental” for my tunes ..i hate genres haha

SBR : If you could make a collab with an artist (electronic or non electronic) who would you choose ?

Fexomat : trent reznor \m/

SBR : How is the darkstep/breakcore scene here in Berlin ?

Fexomat : small and good 😀

SBR : Have you got some controller for live djiing ?

Fexomat : I use an Alesis X25 contoller/audio interface .

SBR : How do you see the future of djing and digital djing in particular ?

Fexomat : I guess it will always be the same : eventually – the only thing that counts is the mood you create in the club. never got why people flip out when a dj performs digital . the music is the only thing that counts. ..i must admit tho , that i’m one of those assholes who immediately stops dancing if a DJ trainwrecks a mix..so i prefer it when they perform digital haha

SBR : If you had to go to a desert island what 3 LP/EP would you take with you ?

Fexomat : NIN – “The downward spiral”

NIN – “Pretty Hate Machine”

Megadeth – “Rust in Peace” ….

i could live on them for years 😀

SBR : What about your future ?

Fexomat : I hope to visit more foreign countries to play there. that is realy the most interesting part about beeing a dj … i just love how different every country / crowd has been so far :)…we’ll see.. i won’t stop annoying you..that’s for sure 😀

Fexomat Website

Fexomat Myspace

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